The Cave Men Diet: Paleo Diet

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Paleo diet can also be referred to as the cave men diet. This diet plan has existed since the Stone Age times. In the ancient past people were healthier, taller and slender. All this was attributed to the diet that they used to take. Due to their athletic and less heavy bodies, they were handier. The diet promoted better immune system. This is because their foods were all natural and fresh. The foods were packed with more vitamins and minerals. The foods contained more calories that were needed for their day-to-day activities. They made sure that the foods contained less fat. Maintaining this diet was key in having more strength and endurance. In this present age, half of the population is overweight. This is because most foods indigested contain high cholesterol. This leads diseases that if not checked they lead to death. Fatty foods weaken the immune system. This makes your body prone to life threatening conditions. The diet concentrates with giving the body more proteins and fewer carbohydrates. Concept behind paleo The diet plan concept is simple. The concept revolves around foods that are edible in their natural state. It states that food that is eaten in its natural state contains more minerals and vitamins than cooked food. Most minerals and vitamins are killed by heat. This also reduces intake of fats that we add when cooking foods. This diet plan is pattered by the way of life of or ancestors. Their food were hunted, collected, fished or grew naturally. They ate

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