The Cave Paintings, A Form Of Rock Art ( Keegan, 2014 )

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Through history, we have seen the use of communication and how it evolved from the early eras to this very modern day. The oldest known symbols created with the purpose of communication through time are the cave paintings, a form of rock art (Keegan, 2014). Then came the use of petroglyphs (carvings on rock surface), pictograms (symbols representing objects, concepts and activities), and ideograms (graphical symbols representing data). What followed is the cuneiform system, whose original form began in the late Neolithic period and is believed to have first been invented by the Sumerians. After some time, these forms of writing eventually evolved into pure alphabets, thus, completing the three broad categories of writing: logographic,…show more content…
When people communicate, they don’t just talk and say words. Usually, it is a two-way process involving a sender and a receiver.
Communication is so powerful that one cannot not communicate. Activity or inactivity, words or silence all have message value. They influence others and these others, in return, cannot not respond to these communicators and are themselves communicating (Latzwick, Beavin and Jackson, 1969). Communication is also closely associated with one’s definition of self. Individuals gain a sense of self-identity by being paid attention to and getting feedback from others. Therefore, one’s sense of power starts at communication (Tubbs and Moss 2000).
Communication is important in both the personal and professional field. The way you speak holds colossal power. It has power to tap new opportunities, or to shut the open doors; the power to build trust, and the power to ruin it; the power to generate new action, and the power to fail it (Paliwal n.d.). In the professional world, communication is constantly cited as one of the most important skills in getting ahead. It has been found that interpersonal communication, relationship building, leadership, teamwork, network, and persuasion were among the most important skills for job performance and career success.
Moreover, communication is vital in leadership. As mentioned by Garcia (2012), “Communication Is a Leadership Discipline: Whatever else leadership may be, it is experienced publicly.
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