The Cell Phone Usage Between Partners

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Generally speaking, if there is an unbalance in cell phone usage between partners someone is bound to feel ignored. Engaging in technology separate to a partner encourages a disconnection rather than a connection. (Bilton, 2014) Also stated by Bilton, disconnection in relationships leads to feelings of dissatisfaction and compromises any sense of safety, attachment and control. Privacy, Trust, and Freedom seem to be essential terms revolving around the topic of relationship satisfaction. “Partners are more satisfied if they do not have rules prohibiting them from checking one another’s call and text logs” (Miller-Ott, Kelly, & Duran, 2012). Considering the idea of trust basically being thrown out the window here, I find it very interesting that this was the conclusion made from the results of the study. Insecurity and jealousy are likely the motifs for this increase in satisfaction, having full access to their partner’s phone nullifies those traits. This is understandable because “Problems may arise when the cell phone is used inappropriately” (Miller-Ott et al., 2012). For example, texting a member of the opposite sex. If a partner has given the other a reason to lose trust this can easily separate the two and cause arguments. Miller-Ott et al. state that cell phones provide a certain freedom that allows for uncertainty to go unspoken. This explains why couples find it much simpler to set boundaries, letting their partner know what they think is acceptable and what is not.
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