The Cell Potential Of The World And Affects Most Individuals On A Daily Basis Essay

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Electrochemistry is a vital part of the world and affects most individuals on a daily basis. Without electrochemistry and the knowledge gained from it, there would be no batteries, no cars, no electronics and many other things that depended on a power source. One of the main ideas is that of concentration cells. Concentration cells essentially make a battery by using different concentrations of compounds to have a positive cell potential. If something is a battery meaning, it has a positive cell potential and therefore it is also a “voltaic” cell or “galvanic” cell and reduction occurs spontaneously. When looking at redox reactions it is important to understand that the cathode is where reduction occurs and the anode is where oxidation occurs as all areas of electrochemistry depend on cathodes and anodes. The cell potential of a cell is a measure of the difference between the cathode and anode of a reaction and is found by subtracting the cathode minus the anode using the table of standard half reactions . Using cell potentials it is possible to find what a certain unknown material is present in the cathode or anode. If one wishes to calculate the theoretical potential of a cell then the Nernst equation can be used if both half-cell concentrations are known, or the concentration of a product or reactant can be calculated if the potential is known. This experiment highlighted these main pints of electrochemistry by incorporating unknown substances and concentrations which
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