The Censorship Of Radio Censorship

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Music has a dangerously potent existential force. Individuals dissolve into melodies, beats and rhythms. According to Ban (Ned) In the U.S.A, “sound only exist when it is going out of existence” (Jones). This ability within music becomes threatened through censorship which infringes and hinders artistic expression. Radio stations use censorship to edit explicit music in hopes of preserving adolescent innocence, however; there in no value in radio censorship. The significance of radio censorship is diminished because editing music for radio play is ineffective in blocking the nature of a song, radio stations kill the authenticity of music, and songs lose their integrity. For example, radio censorship is pointless due to its inability to obstruct the character of a song. Individuals are able to understand the context of a bleeped or morphed song. This ability within radio listeners overrules the censorship, leaving its attempt to clean up the song futile. When radio stations censor songs they are highlighting the inappropriateness of a song. This is contradictive to the purpose of radio censorship. Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face” is banned from radio play due to the lyrics, “I want to take a ride on your disco stick” (Morrison). Neither violence nor obscenities are depicted through these lyrics. Lady GaGa’s lyrics were interpreted as a metaphor for sex. Censorship laws do not consider the subjective nature of words such as “obscene” and “inappropriate” (Rivera). A statement made by
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