The Censorship Of Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451

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Censorship often plays a significant role in literature. Suppressing or prohibiting ideas from books, movies, or the news from the public is a form of censoring knowledge to the public. Many topics such as censoring can be found in many books, movies, or the news. In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, the society shown is being heavily monitored by people of higher power, which include firemen, policemen, government, etc. Censoring things away from their people such as books can also revoke individuality, and limit their creativity. In Athol Fugard’s “Master Harold ...and the Boys,” civilians are also yanked away from their ability to gain knowledge for no correct reason. Not allowing people to expand their knowledge can generally keep them…show more content…
Censoring books, like in Fahrenheit 451 in literature can cause characters to revoke their own individuality. Having no individuality causes a person not to make their own decision they want in life. For example, Montag keeps pushing down the ideas that Clarisse, a young neighbor friend of Guy Montag, presents to him of being his own person and follow his own dreams towards what he wants to do in his life (Bradbury 5-6). Another example of not having any individuality causes characters in the book to not stand up for themselves or for anybody. In the book, Mildred Montag, Guy Montag’s wife, invites her friends over to watch television, Montag makes a comment on one of Mildred Montag’s friends, who indeed keeps to herself and leaves the house instead (Bradbury 97). Having no individuality, because of books being censored in this society, also causes characters to have no identity with themselves. In the book, Mildred Montag stays home and does not bother to move out her house, except watch television all day long, she even receives a script of what is supposed to be said in the television show (Bradbury 17-18). She prefers her virtual reality rather than the realism that revolves around her. Vasquez 2 Daphne Patai reflects on the quest for freedom of speech as reflected in the life and literary works of American novelist Ray Bradbury. Some of the critic’s main point speaks upon on how television may have an important impact on

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