The Censorship Of The Digital Age

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Are people’s information online truly private? Do people know that privacy is no longer guaranteed? Technological updates in digital spaces make our private information easily accessible for anyone who is looking for it. There have been plenty of instances of people’s personal information being hacked. When a person buys an item online or fills out a personal account, is their information safe? The Ashley Madison hacking sandal was one of the biggest media controversies of 2015. The hacking of the adult website leaked personal information of high profiled celebrities, politicians, and athletes. Information such as credit card numbers, phone numbers, and addresses were leaked for everyone to see. Hackers can obtain private information from any communication technology. Privacy in the digital age is relevant because no one is safe online. Invasion of privacy is only getting worse with new technology advances. The internet has millions of networks and websites that require one’s personal information. Each personal account holds a privacy setting that should guarantee confidentiality but that is not always the case. The advances of technology leads to situations that people are unprepared for such as hacking personal data. Some may believe their information is secure online because companies are always improving security. However, society will always be faced with individuals who will want to steal information. Hackers use private information for monetary value and
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