The Censorship Of The Media

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Privacy in the Media In addition, the media is in an especially complex situation regarding the current concept of privacy regarding the proper use of technology and due to the numerous ethical issues, that arise from sensationalist media practices. First, the invasion of privacy can be justified by uncovering vital information that serves public interest to be considered ethical journalistic practice (Plaisance, 2014, p. 187). However, while there is less ethical merit in providing the public with the information it “wants” to know, it is justifiable under business matters if it is not malicious or extremely invasive. It is a journalist’s duty to reveal the truth to the public and keep them informed, but many would consider it unethical…show more content…
Sensationalism in the news media is not going to subside any time soon due to the high demand for dramatic stories and the ability of the internet to rapidly spread information around the globe, but journalists need to be held accountable for any unethical breaches of privacy that cause harm to another person. Accordingly, the focus sensationalist news has shifted the focus of news coverage onto the individual people instead of on the issues. The focus on individuals and their dramatic personal stories is a trend that began a few decades ago, and the ratings that such stories receive has only incentivized journalists to delve deeper into the personal lives of many citizens even if the intrusion is unwelcome (Plaisance, 2014, pp. 188-189). The focus on the lives of individuals has become apparent in recent political news coverage and the popularity of celebrity tabloids that focus on the lives of individuals. Unfortunately, this focus on covering the lives of individuals like soap operas has led many major television news networks, the most popular news platform, to air less difficult to cover subjects that rely on factual information and might not get good ratings (Herther, 2011). As a result, any individual that becomes involved in a potentially high rating story could have their privacy invaded by the media circus that tends to chase big headlines and any story that can be infused with a

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