The Center For Children of Incarcerated Parents Essay

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The social welfare program identified for the purpose of this paper is the Center

for Children of Incarcerated parents. The social problem for which it was designed to

address is that of the effects of parental incarceration on children and families of the

incarcerated. Its’ target population, children and families of the incarcerated. This paper

will explore how services are provided and its source of funding. Additionally, it will

seek to provide an understanding of the roles of social workers and the social work

profession plays in the program. Finally, this paper will explore whether or not the

program is successful and identify any changes in policy and program that needs to be

made or improved.
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Parental incarceration affects a large number of children in the United States. Of

which, most are of black or Hispanic descent, and of low income families (Mumola,

2000). The number of children under the age of eighteen, with parents in U.S.

prisons, State and Federal, is rapidly increasing as a result of incarceration being used as

a form of criminal penalty or punishment(Waldman & Hercik, 2002). Children of the

incarcerated constitutes one of the largest at-risk population in the U.S. (Mumola, 2000 as

cited in Krisberg & Temin, 2001 ). Thus, making them more vulnerable to economic

stress and adverse interpersonal issues such as fear of getting close to anyone, lack of

trust, or instability in family relationship among others.

“The enormous rise in the number of {individuals} behind bars, especially

women, has brought this issue to prominence”(Krisberg & Temin, 2001). Incarceration

impacts on family function and unity. “There are more African American parents in

federal and state prisons,
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