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I interviewed Takisa Smith, Director of the Center for Human Development’s (CHD) Watershed Recovery Center for women in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Her facility accommodates twenty-five women at the beginning stages of recovery and can also accommodate those who have been civilly committed, are pregnant, or post-partum and their infants ( I was lucky enough to know Takisa through my significant other (Leshawnda Underwood’s mother). Because of our preexisting relationship the interview was very laid back. Though I have known her for some time, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered she was a director of a substance abuse program. Once I knew…show more content…
I had never thought about the stressors that a Director might face. Not only are you forming bonds with clients and patients but with your employees as well. A Director must be a source of encouragement for clients and fellow staff, but also be their lead disciplinary, and leader.
Discussing all that a Director must juggle, I assumed clients and patients would be the largest stressor. When I asked Takisa about her workplace stressors she pointed to coworkers as a large source of frustration. She inherited a staff that had little to no interest in team building. She also has employees with lived experience meaning that in some way these employees have personal experience with addiction and employees with lived experience feel as though their path to sobriety and wellness is the only path there is. Both categories of employees are not willing to expand their knowledge. Unlike other nine-to-five or rotating shift positions they’re dealing with a vulnerable class of individuals that require extra care and attention.
Of course with so much negativity highlighted I was curious about positive aspects, I asked if there were perks or anything she liked about being a Director? She really enjoys seeing both clients excel. Nothing is better than someone successfully graduating the program or continuing
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