The Central Intelligence Agency ( Cia ) Arranged Numerous Assassinations

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) arranged numerous assassinations attempts on Fidel Castro which helped damage the relations between the United States and Cuba. To understand why the US saw Castro as a threat, it is necessary to learn about how he attained that power and what Cuba was like.
Colonel Fulgencio Batista had originally been elected as president, but he appointed himself to be the dictator of Cuba in 1933. He used the army and police to keep control over people, and those who were against his leadership were either killed or imprisoned. Life under Batista was difficult for many Cubans since no one was allowed to disagree with government. There were many food shortages and many hungry people. Poverty was common and there was
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Cuban newspapers, radio, and television stations were shut down as well. The only source of news came from the government.
The CIA arranged more than 600 attempts to execute Fidel Castro, most of which were silly. They wanted to spray his broadcasting studio with a chemical which could produce erratic behaviour. They eventually had to cease this operation because the chemical was later proved to be unreliable and dangerous. Another method, was that they tried to soak a box of cigars with a chemical that induced temporary disorientation. The CIA had hoped Castro would smoke on of these cigars before giving a speech, however, it was not known whether or not Castro ever got the special cigars. Castro loved scuba-diving, so the CIA even tried to plant explosives in rocks or sea shells that would blow up once he came in close contact with them. The CIA also planned to dust his shoes with thallium salts. By doing this, they hoped his beard would fall off his face, which would therefore destroy his image. All of their assassination attempts failed even though they had numerous opportunities. As Castro continued to live on, the CIA did not like that Castro was unpredictable, so they decided they wanted a more American-friendly ruler to be replaced with him just to be safe. They began to make plans for Cuban exiles to infiltrate Cuba to get rid of him. This led to the Bay of Pigs invasion.
The CIA wanted Castro’s intelligence to think the
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