The Central Lesson By Jack Welch

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Thesis The central lesson the author, Jack Welch, is trying to teach is how to ‘win’ in the business and corporate world from usually the point of view of a CEO or manager. Winning companies are the only things that count because losing has no value to anyone. As I read the book, I came to the reasoning that Welch’s major lesson here is that a business and its CEO will win through candor. Candor had its own chapter but was also mentioned throughout the whole book, highlighting that candor takes part in every aspect he discussed in business in order to win. Candor is part of hiring, firing, Six Sigma, budgeting, leadership, and several other aspects. Most importantly though, it is essential to strategy—a significant topic discussed in this course. Welch defines candor as “the biggest dirty little secret in business”. He argues that candor has hurt firms, in which they could have been better off—and he is speaking internally, not the external competition. Candor leads to winning by: getting more people in the conversation which develops rich ideas; creating speed, meaning it is right there and then where you can debate quickly; and, it decreases costs such as those long boring meetings discussing known information (27). It really caught my attention how Welch commented that the lack of candor comes from our childhoods and backgrounds where we know that staying quiet helps us avoid troubles, messes, awkwardness, rejection, more work, and the like. How does one overcome

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