The Central Park Five Is A Documentary By Ken Burns About

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The Central Park Five is a documentary by Ken Burns about five young black men who were wrongfully convicted of a crime they did not commit. This documentary focused on showing how these boys got convicted, why they got convicted, the effects and response from the public of their convictions, and their release. For the remaining part of my paper, I am going to show how the sociological theoretical perspectives, in particular the conflict perspective, explains why the events in the film happened the way they did. The three major parts of the conflict theory that I am going to be focusing on relates to how the people with wealth and power has a major influence in society and how they went about abusing that power that was given to them. I am…show more content…
They had already set their mind that these boys committed the crime and used their power to make the boys tell them what they wanted to hear. They used their power to hold the boys at the police station until they “confessed”. The boys did not know of their rights that they had and were detained for a long period of time until they were made to believe that if they were to confess, they could go home. Another way that criminal law was used to control the working class in the documentary is with bail. If someone has money, they can pay for a temporary release from jail. In the film, two boys were able to be released on bail, but three of the boys’ families weren’t able to come up the money, so they had to stay in jail. It is clear that if someone is of the working class, it would be difficult for them to come up with the money because of financial issues. If someone was rich, they would be able to pay the bail or fine without having to worry about providing food on the table or paying bills. Because of this, it seems like these criminal laws are set up to benefit those who are wealthy and weed out those that are poor. Those associated with the lower class are usually associated with crime and violence and because of that, these criminal laws are targeted towards a group of people who are at a disadvantage. In The Central Park Five, we can see that wealthy people and the authorities hold most of the power. The people

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