The Ceo Of Apple Products

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Steve Paul Jobs, a widely known business man but of all things, are famously known as the CEO of Apple Computer and the creator of Pixar Animation Studios share an intriguing, inspiring, motivating and heart felt commencement speech at Standford University on June 12, 2005. If you have some knowledge of the Apple products, then generally you might have some knowledge of Steve Jobs and his success. However, most people don’t know the origin of his success. In the speech he delivered to the graduates of Standford University, Jobs gives an inspiring speech that not only captivates the audience but share stories that all seem too familiar when you’re struggling to make it. In the beginning of his speech he tells the graduates of Standford…show more content…
That first part says a lot his characteristic’s coming from a man who has a multibillion company. His net worth is estimated to be 10.2 billion to be exact. That strikes to me as a humble man indeed. Surprisingly, he did not graduate college. We find out that he dropped out after only attending for six months to only to stay another eighteen months before he actually dropped out. He goes to further explanation to why he dropped out by giving a back-story. His mother who he characterize as an “unwed college graduate student(1 jobs)” had a series of problems when trying to put him for adoption. The description he gave of his mother almost sounds like he feels indifferent about her. After a series of issues with the adoption, his biological mother finally convinced a couple that he will go to college one day. Going back to Jobs dropping out of Reed college after six months, jobs mentioned in his speech that he did not see the value in going to college and that he have no idea how college was going to help him figure out what he wanted to do in life. He seems to content in this part of the speech because he said that it was one of his “best decisions” and soon after began taking classes that looked interesting to him. It was not all glamorous because he slept at a friends place on the floor and had to walk seven miles to get a good meal, as he describes,
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