The Ceo Of Procter And Gamble

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1) Identify the CEO and characterize his leadership style. The CEO of Procter and Gamble is Alan G. Lafley. Mr. Lafley had recently retired from the company in 2009 after being CEO for 10 years. After only three years, P&G’s new CEO Robert McDonald resigned because of declining sales and the complaints of investors. Thus, bringing back Alan Lafley to try and bring the company back to stability. His type of leadership style is one with high expectations of everyone within the company. He is a leader that also relies a lot on his manager’s input for the development of new ideas for the company. As the Wall Street Journal reported, he more than doubled sales to nearly $84 billion while CEO of P&G, partially through smart acquisitions like Gillette and other premium and beauty brands (DuBose). 2) Determine the main countries in which the company competes and its global strategy. Two of the main countries in which Procter and Gamble compete in are China and Brazil. China has been the number one or two country for the company for many years. China just continues to grow and has 10 running factories for P&G. Since only 2009, China has had a 63.3% sales growth (Coolidge). Beauty and personal care products report for nearly two-thirds of Chinas sales. Brazil on the other hand has had a 91.9% sales growth since 2009 (Coolidge). In Brazil, their beauty and personal care products make up almost three-fourths of its total sales. The country in general wants more premium-priced
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