The, Ceremony, And Invisible Cities

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Storytelling is perhaps the oldest of all human traditions. People live their whole lives in a web of stories—not just when we are consciously taking in narratives from the news or from movies, but also when we dream and use our imagination. Stories are how people make sense of the world and how they shape their idea of what the world should be through the process of normalization. Monstress, Ceremony, and Invisible Cities are all challenging the narrative of normalization through the clash of cultures, withholding information, and the power of names. Those in power create the narrative of normalization in order to maintain the social hierarchy. The majority accepts the narrative, making it the norm. Normalization is the process where a…show more content…
In traditional Western society, sexuality is defined, what is considered normal is established. Although, the borders of normalcy are being stretched with gay rights, a straight, monogamous relationship is still what is expected. A traditional Western relationship is built by spending time with your partner and sex is a form of shared intimacy. In stark contrast to traditional Western culture, Tayo has multiple encounters with Native American women, which quickly lead to sex. To a traditional Western perspective, sex seems to function like a handshake throughout Ceremony, it is a social convention. At a glance, there seems to be no emotional aspect because of the limited time spent together, but upon closer inspection there is a deep kinship and intimacy that goes beyond time. The women Tayo meets are not just for sex, they help him complete the ceremony of self-realization by playing the role of a guide. For Tayo, sexuality is a fluid and multicultural idea; there is not a clear line between what is and what it is not. Illustrating the limitations of normalizing sexuality. Both characters highlight the false dichotomy created through the process of normalization. Monstress and Invisible Cites also challenges normalization by withholding information. Monster is usually a term used to describe something of the unknown or just a freighting creature. It is because there is a lack of information that a monster exists. Monstress challenges the normal
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