The Ceremony Of The Lea Convocation At Grand Rapids Michigan Essay

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This past weekend I was honored to take part in the LEA convocation at Grand Rapids Michigan. As Concordia LTD education major we were invited to participate in the grow a teacher event. At this event there was a panel of veteran teachers that answered some questions we had, many of the answers they gave were very helpful. One message that a teacher had for us as future teachers was that as teachers the best gift we have is the gift of time. We only have these students for a certain amount of time and in this time we must give them everything we have. Veteran teachers have been practicing the art of time in education to their students for quite some time now, and I wanted to know how teaching has evolved during their career. So I interviewed Gayle Harmon with one question in mind “How has time changed and influenced your teaching life?” Welcome to Mrs. Gayle Harmon’s classroom! Mrs. Harmon has been teaching in a classroom since 1994, and has taught in many different states. Mrs. Harmon is a graduate of Concordia College and is a very proud educator. She currently is teaching second grade at Matoka Elementary school in Virginia for 8 years now, and is the team leader of her section at Matoka. Being that Mrs. Harmon has taught for quite some time now my first question was “How have your teaching skills evolved since first teaching a class?” Mrs. Harmon chuckled and smiled before responding, she says that “With time, comes wisdom and learning”. She is not nearly as naïve as
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