The Cfo And Cio Are Required To Approve The Project Charter

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The CFO and CIO are required to approve the project charter and project budget. Project manager is required to create the project plan and coordinate the project execution. Business analysts will create the scope management plan, requirements and business use cases. They are also involved in testing every component of the application as it gets developed including notifications and UI. Developers are required for UI and Process development. Business users will function as testers. Few of the developers are retained on call basis to assist with the application during the maintenance phase. Resources At the beginning of the project a WebEx account is required to conduct weekly presentations and meetings as per the communication plan. The…show more content…
So, the testing would cost $3600 i.e. $45*5*8*2. Developers work for a total of 25 days, so the total cost of 5 developers working for 25 days would be $45000. This puts the total personnel cost at $71,280. Company is using virtualization software to use existing hardware for the database and web server. There is no licensing cost of the web server and the database because the company owns these products. Professional Microsoft Project as per Microsoft website, costs about $1000. Version control software like CVS for Linux is available under the GNU public license. The maintenance period of 30 days after project completion is served by 2 developers only on time and material basis. So, the expected duration is not more than 10 days. That would put the cost for this at $7200, i.e. $45*10*8*2 This puts the entire project cost to $79480. Risk Assessment The following risk register describes the risks to the project and their likelihood of occurrence and controllability factor: Maintenance and support of the application is required on an on call basis because the project has already budgeted time for the staging phase during which the application is tested for data integrity and functional and requirement accuracy. In case there is any need, the assigned develop work to resolve the issues based on time and material basis. This saves the budget and uses resources only if required. Evaluation Plan The application is developed in an

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