The Chain Of Success Is A Symbol Of The Oppression Within Our Own Society Essay

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The Chain of Success The Child in The People that Walked Away from Omelas is a symbol of the oppression within our own society. Through the child we’re able to reflect on the extreme effects of oppression and how it leaves a mark on society as a whole. We live in a world where success is built by a foundation based on Oppression. Success is like a chain in which the people on the base suffer to balance those on top. This idea is reinforced in the story when the child is oppressed to protect the balance in Omelas. People are oppressed based on things they can’t control such as race or class. The general theme of the story explores our own humanity and how we justify such cruelty to ourselves. In The People that Walked away from Omelas, the prosperity of the whole society depends on the oppression of that one child. This reminded me of the real world, where oppression of African countries has greatly altered political power and world economics. Colonization and slavery are just two forms of oppression that led to the prosperity of western society. The African countries, who were oppressed, are still effected by the consequences, much like the child in the story. European colonizers forcibly occupied much of the African continent. They redrew political boundaries, exploited human and natural resources of the rich continent. This led to great economic increase and better standards of living in the western world. In contrast, African economies and standards of living

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