The Chain of Command Concept Essay

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Chapter Eight
(Organizing Principles)
Application Case:
“Merlin Needs a Magician”
1) For each of the four situations noted, what organizational concepts apply? Identify the concept and explain the related problem. -Two welders, unable to get a decision from their supervisor, requested time off. One welder had a dentist appointment and the other needed to leave early to pick up an anniversary present. The “Chain of Command” concept relates to this problem because the “Chain of Command” carries orderly progressions up and down the chain for both decision making and communication to occur, in this particular situation it is a concern and problem because the line is clearly broken (within the “Chain of Command”) (hierarchy) not allowing
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All tasks are under one authority designated for that task, so order for all the plans can be successfully accomplished. -In an effort to have employees make decisions and be more independent, the machine department was developing the production schedule, determining the size of the production runs, and coordinating the 35 operations in any given production run--- some of which were linear, others of which proceeded simultaneously. All went until the company approached a six-month backlog in seasonal business. To respond, Korenblat kept increasing the size of the runs--- “I know you made 200 57-centimeter road bikes last week, but this week we need 250 58-centimeter bikes.” The result: the machine shop came to stand still, waiting for the next command. The “Unity of Command” concept is the most important in this situation because it is directly related to why organizations use such concepts when organizing a companies’ structure. Each person should be taking orders and reporting solely to one person; in order to guide a company to attempt to develop any operating relationships. Key problem here is that the operation has stopped because there is not proper delegation
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