The Challange of Employee Training Essay examples

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The Challange of Employee Training In the ever-changing world of business, many vast corporations with holdings and facilities located across the globe find themselves faced with the problem of inefficient training procedures. These procedures become inefficient due to the continual segmentation of departments, who do not or are not kept abreast of the company motto, development strategies or the overall health of the company. As a result, many departments train their personnel in areas for which there is no need or call for that particular skill. Millions of dollars must be wasted each year in redundant or useless training seminars that neither furthers the goals of the corporation, or of the staff that work for it. What happens in…show more content…
Unfortunately, thought the product is ready...the other components that go into the packaging and selling of the product are not. Therefore, it could be argued that lack of training and inappropriate training, coupled with dissimilar goals boil down to lack of communication skills, or communication within the company is breaking down on a critical level. Part of the problem rests within the way a corporation is structured in the first place. The growing skills gap in the technology arena will require dramatic and creative solutions (Masie 1997). Individual managers of departments are crucial intermediaries and ambassadors to the Chief Executive Officers of any company. However, in most companies that type of bureaucracy tends to foster silence. For example, there is a problem with one of the departments of a company. For whatever reason that department is holding up the rest of the departments. However, when a meeting is called no one is willing to be the one that points the finger, let alone make suggestions and make the administration unhappy with them. As one manager stated, in an article about a college’s administration, “The organization's president surrounds himself with people that are completely replaceable. Because I'm replaceable, she's replaceable, everyone is constantly uncertain about the stability of his or her
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