The Challenge Of Cultural Relativism

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Rachel’s Ideas on Cultural Relativism James Rachel is a philosopher that explores in his article “The Challenge of Cultural Relativism” the ideas behind why cultural relativism is not a sound way of moral reasoning. His opinions can be respected because he gives both positives and negatives to this idea, as well as supports his claims with a variety of examples. While reading his article the audience gets a wider picture of what cultural relativist believe as well as where the flaws lie in this type of reasoning. Rachel gives a plethora of reasons why cultural relativism is not a sound way of moral reasoning. One of the best arguments he possess, is the idea that when in doubt of what is morally right all we have to do is consider our cultures moral code. For example if we look back in American history there were both federal and state laws enforcing segregation of white Americans and African Americans. If one was to wonder during that time if this was wrong and they turned to the moral code of that era they would find that segregation was “moral”. This is a disturbing fact for many reasons, and one being that if we all followed the moral codes of our culture our society would be in shambles. Rachel goes on to say that most of us do not think our own cultures to be flawless but in the eyes of cultural relativism we have no right to find fault in our own culture or in any other culture. If we were to decide what was right and wrong based on the moral code of our culture
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