The Challenge Of Educational Equity Essay

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The Challenge of Educational Equity

If two people are swimming and one is drowning, is it appropriate to administer life-saving strategies to both or just the individual in need? Most would answer emphatically that the best choice is to provide resources to the one that requires them. However, exchange an individual who is drowning with student equity of access to excellence andJustdebate will likely ensue. Yet, just as seen in the drowning analogy, equal student treatment is not always appropriate. It does not ensure equity of access. Duke (2010) points out that “equal opportunity … may be insufficient to make up for the accumulated effects of poverty, racial bias, and other social hurdles.” Public school is an extension of a manmade construct, government. As Tawney instructs, “because men are men, social institutions-property rights, and the organization of industry, and the system of public health and education – should be planned, as far as possible, to emphasize and strengthen, not the class differences which divide, but the common humanity which unites them. (Jackson, 1992, p. 15)
So it is appropriate that the creation and administration of public schools should provide for the educational needs of its constituents in a matter that explicitly recognizes as well as programs for their varying needs. While the mission is clear, the method and the challenges to that
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