The Challenge Of Organizational Leadership Essay

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To explore the use of innovation and creativity in leading the early Christian communities from insular spirituality to a global social or religious force, and then apply these concepts to the challenge of organizational leadership today by using Sacred Texture Analysis understanding on how Apostle Peter was saying about the principles of the concepts to the challenge of organizational leadership today, I must use the application of exegesis with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. These are my insights. In carrying out his mission, Peter persistently had to struggle with questions of creativity and innovation. In a very significant sense, he had to disconnect himself from his personal culture in order to do so. “It is important to note the distinction between practices and principles. They start from their core and grow and evolve outward over time” (Schneider, 2000, pg. ). Peter was unreservedly transformed with Christ from his old nature. Since transformation, Peter started to see all new nature to all people without failing his integrity of the gospel of grace. At this moment whenever I think about culture, I would at least seek three different elements: 1. Everybody is like all other people – it is unity 2. Everybody is like some other people – it is culture 3. Every person is truly unique – it is personality
Exegesis of Apostle Peter’s Letters Exploring the crossroads between the Sacred Scriptures of the Bible, Christian Theology and
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