The Challenge Of The Auto Industry

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As many other industries auto industry, despite its tremendous development through time, is facing strong contests from different directions arising from an assortment of perspectives. These provocations roots out from the business behaviour (such as market competition in the industry), environmental issues and the effect of other related technologies in the setting. Thus, by this article, I’m going to analyse the challenge in the auto industry in America with respect to its relation to the environment and governmental responses, global market competition, newer innovations to empower the industry’s products, and the view and opinions of consumers of the products from this industry. The first challenge the challenge the industry in the country is facing, is restriction by environmental laws and conventions. Although this is not unique to the America’s auto only, it’s being victim to the environmental agreements on the issue. We know that automotive industry is one of the causes for environmental problems including emission of gas (such as CO2, NO2) which are harmful both to the environment and human being, creation of noise thereby disturbing lives and growth of people, and pollution of environment from the salvages of these products. Studies show that vehicles are major cause of global warming. This account for nearly one-fifth of all U.S. emissions, emitting about 11 kilograms of CO2 and other global-warming gases for each gallon of gas (Union of concerned
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