The Challenge of Ethical Behavior

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The Challenge of Ethical Behavior in Other Countries The requirements of day-to-day organizational performance are so compelling that there is little time or inclination to divert attention to the moral content of organizational decision-making. Morality appears to be so obscure in nature that it lacks substantive relation to performance. An effective organizational culture should encourage ethical behavior and discourage unethical behavior. Unfortunately, ethical behavior may end up costing the organization. Being unethical in any arena, especially in the international business arena, is both bad-for-business and bad for the public. Unethical behavior is bad-for-business because it reflects an erosion of principles needed for an…show more content…
While researching this issue several business publications made similar comments. How ethical does a business need to be? Is it ethics that we are focusing on or public opinion? One of the many issues that the United States has faced over the last few decades is the transfer of manufacturing/production facilities overseas. Public opinion is 'let the bottom line suffer a bit and keep the jobs in America'. However the stockholders in these companies enjoy reaping the benefits of this type of move. Managers should not be held liable for acting unethically when they are working to increase owner's long term equity - that is their job. Basic ethical standards should be upheld at all times. When mangers are acting in their professional roles they should not have to concern themselves with the public good. They are in fact incompetent to do so and lack the democratic credentials to do it. Their day-to-day jobs should leave them no room to consider the public when carrying out their responsibilities. If the do their jobs in an ethical and proper manner public good will be served. Therefore, it is up to us, managers, shareholders, and stakeholders to ensure that those individuals making these day-to-day decisions, in all realms of business, are upholding the ethics we as a nation and economy hold true. 1. The Ethics of Business, Economist, 00130613, 1/25/2005, Vol 374, Issue
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