The Challenge of Reporting on Terrorism

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The Challenge of Reporting on Terrorism Name: Institutional Affiliation: The Challenge of Reporting on Terrorism Terrorism and acts of terrorism have been an issue that has a concerned not only the United States but also the world at large. Terrorism became a serious threat since the late 1980's, but its magnitude was felt after the 9/11. However, the formation of the Al Qaeda group and other terrorist group towards the end of the twenty first century turned everything and made terrorism a real menace to a world that values peace and stability. Proliferation of weapons was experienced and is still going on now. This has seen the media coming to the fore to provide the necessary information about terrorism and actins related to it. However, the challenge has been the desire to provide information whilst shunning the possibility of falling into the trap of making terrorists' missions and intentions real. In looking at the article, "Dead Men Share No Secrets" one would concur that the idea behind its publication was to provide information on terrorism. However, it becomes a greater challenge when one has to analyze critically the effect of the article concerning terrorism and the subsequent intentions. The introduction of the article can be seen to be supporting terrorism. Indeed, it is lucid that the assassination of the Saudi Born and Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden was an enormous victory over terrorism. However, just like any other group, Al Qaeda would always want
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