The Challenge of Wanting it All: A Look into the Life of Career Mothers

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In a professional world ran predominately by male executives, women face adversity in the workforce all the time. Thanks to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, The Equal Pay Act, The Family Medical Leave Act and The Pregnancy Discrimination Act the workforce for the professional woman has changed; however, there are still a few challenges women face. One of these challenges is a woman’s right to conceive.
In normal situations, mothers are expected to be the central caregivers for a new baby. Standard care for a newborn requires months of time and complete devotion. When a career is thrown into the mix, the life of a mother is chaotic. Working mothers live a more demanding life compared to those of non-working mothers. There are decisions
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These barriers force women to make a difficult decision: Have children or have a career.
There does not seem to be a link between working mothers and unhealthy children. However, there is a link to the stressors faced by working mothers, compared to those of their non-working counterpart, affecting families. These everyday stressors can result in a strained relationship with spouses and children. Nearly seventy percent of working mothers claim that stress from work filters down to their personal relationships and interferes with their personal life (Kruger, 2004). Stay-at-home mothers have the advantage of longer periods of down time, but working moms must utilize their time differently. Any down time is consumed with house cleaning, PTA meetings, extracurricular activities, dinners, homework and everything in between. These added tasks add additional stress to an already stressful workday.
This continued stress can have negative results on the body as well, including: “fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, overeating, insomnia, digestive problems, rashes and other skin complaints, smoking and drinking, high blood pressure, depression, anger and nervousness” (“Working moms more,” 1997). This unhappiness and irritation can spill over into normal everyday activities and impact the entire family negatively.
Another challenge faced by working mothers is the dilemma of returning to work after childbirth. Once a mother has cared for her newborn she is confronted with

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