The Challenges And Challenges Of Education

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I faced so many toughest challenges in life and still facing. Accepting challenges and facing it and resolving it, makes you learn many things in life and I think it takes you ahead always. For me continuing my education was always associated with the dream. I am from Pakistan, where getting an education is difficult for girls. Society looks at girls education is not as right because they should always stay at home. Things changed when my mother took the first step in my family, to make my way towards education. She does not want me to stay at home, and end up like other girls. She wants me to be independent make a difference. She wants me to live my own dream not the one society wants me to live. I always wanted to do my best in my studies. Despite of all hardships I never got distracted from my goals. I still remember when I was back in my country, everyone around me was not much educated. I always felt a deep urge inside me to make a change in my surroundings. When I started my education, biology was always so interesting for me. As I grew up I felt the health system in my country was unfortunately very poor. That was the time when I decided my goal is to become a doctor. For me that was the way to help my people, and to make a change. With the passage of time, as I was getting closer to my goal, get in to the medical school. But my circumstances didn’t help me, and my all family had to move in United States. After moving to states I got chance to know myself. To
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