The Challenges And Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Working From Home

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1. Introduction
“A person usually below the executive level who is hired by another to perform a service especially for wages or salary and is under the other's control” called as employee (Dictionary-Employee, 1828). Currently, many organizations have identified flexible work options as working from home which also has benefits for employers. As the economy develop, more companies accommodate to provide more telecommuting jobs to achieve their company goals. Besides, both employers and employees stand a chance to explore new ways to gain money in industry evolution. Therefore, home working has hit the top level of doing work more than working in a main office space.

2. Telecommuting
Over the past few years, working from home has spread-out
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Sometimes employees don’t even know who is their boss. This will responsible to loss fundamental principles in an organization. “Often, professionals working from home complain of isolation and loneliness given their removal from their bosses and coworkers and this can be very depressing to some. Since the workplace provides a location to meet people and make friends for many, professionals working from home have to be more creative and resourceful in getting to know people and in staying in touch with their colleagues” (The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home,…show more content…
Interruptions from children, work, neighbors, friends, family may be very disruptive and special efforts must be made to make it known that you are actually working and unavailable for interruption within work hours despite your physical presence at home” (The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home, 2017)

3. Conclusion
To sum up, working from home have its positive and negative results. Telecommuting jobs are avoiding from traffic jams but make distractions while working. To change telecommuting working into more profession these are some opinions to follow,
1. Maintain a good, clean main office environment in the house.
2. Report in often to inform productivity status.
3. Treat yourself and enjoy the life with family members.
4. Get dressed as readying to go to office and do works like in the office.
5. Think about the ambition or the main target of doing this job.
6. Make a time-table and work under that.
7. Separate household works to family members.
8. Maintain a healthy
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