The Challenges And Learning Experiences I Faced During My Internship At Binus Career

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In this report, I will reflect upon the challenges and learning experiences I faced during my internship at BINUS Career in Jakarta, Indonesia. I spent three weeks working in the social media department, with the aim of improving their social media presence and advertising success. This project was a team based one and I worked closely with my partner on all stages of the project. As I did not have a background in human resources or marketing, the first challenge was applying my knowledge and research skills from my major in sociology to a new discipline. In this report, I will reflect upon my experiences in working on a team project, difficulties with cross-cultural communication and improving my problem-solving skills and initiative. Throughout the report, I will utilise the 5Rs of Reflection cited in Anon to analyse my experience (Anon, n.d.). This will consist of ‘reporting’ by describing my experience, ‘responding’, by describing my emotional response to the situation, ‘relating’ to the literature, ‘reasoning’ by explaining how the literature influences my thinking and ‘reconstructing’ by explaining what this learning experience means to me.

Adjusting to a Team-based Project

One of the initial challenges of this internship was working on the assigned projects as a team. I am a very independent person and aside from smaller group projects at university, every project I have completed has been on an individual basis. I am also a natural leader, so I…
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