The Challenges Faced By Adam Issa

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In contemporary society, as result of rapid development of the economy around the world, most people prefer to do their trading anywhere and everywhere, which means most traders need to consider expanding their business to become more influential and make more profit. In this case, Adam as a wildflower farmer prefers to export his flowers aboard, especially to north Europe courtiers, as they are a vast market prospect. However, some of problems faced by Adam, in this case, will be analyzed some problems and some suggestions will be given to Adam to address these questions and expand his marketing, Q1: Currently, Adam Issa has limited involvement in international marketing. Build a case for him to become more involved, citing the key advantage of doing so, then list the key disadvantages. Explain your reasoning. With the development of international marketing, increasingly people prefer to choose the international marketing for trading and making more profit. Adam is considering joining the international marketing for his flower dealing as well. Adam prefers to take full advantage of exporting his flowers to the north Europe market. There are some pros and cons for Adam to export grown flowers to Europe. The first benefit is expanding his brand of flowers According to Vermeer and Edmonds (2014) , doing exporting business has many advantages, which include the expand brand. As a result of Adam exporting flowers to the north Europe, these flowers will be more well know to

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