The Challenges Faced By Ikea

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IKEA is one of the largest multinational companies in the world dealing with several products. The company sells and designs furniture appliances and home accessories at an affordable price. Ikea has over three hundred stores worldwide enjoying the good name it has created for itself. While they are one of the most profitable furniture companies in the world there are significant challenges and threats that have been overcome and are still needed to be tackled.

The main challenges faced by the company during its growth stage were; generating awareness in new countries, being able to meet target demand by ensuring that the company did not incur losses, creating new customers, competitors selling the same product at a cheaper price and getting new employees who were willing to comply with the company rules.
Generating awareness in a new country is a very expensive task whereby you need unique techniques to help the community recognize IKEA as a company and the products it sells. The most common methods used were TV and radio advertisements, sending marketers to the markets to do the marketing one on one with the customers or the buyers in the community, and by putting up billboards and posters around urban areas. Due to its exposure in different countries, they had to train employees who have been working with the company for several years to learn foreign languages to help expand the company. This idea helped the company venture into a new country and do the marketing.
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