The Challenges Faced By International Students In Higher Education

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As it is easily visible with the increasing enrolment of international students in Canadian institutions, internationalization has become one of the key aspects of higher education in developing its intellectual property, more mainly due to political and economic reasons (Altbach & Knight, 2007). Canada is perceived to be “one of the most trusted in the world” as a destination of choice with its high-quality education in a welcoming multicultural environment (Global Affairs Canada, 2014). A study conducted by Canadian Bureau for International Education presents that in Canada, the number of international students pursuing post-secondary studies reached 263,855 from 187 nations in 2015 all around the world (2016, p. 15). In
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A literature claims that comparative research begins “with a need for encounters with difference that invite one to imagine alternatives,” (Hoffman, 1999, p. 488) by addressing unique cultural characteristics. I believe that continuously recognizing and attempting to address the language issue allow to figure out how to further assist those students experiencing language barriers. Although the medium of instruction utilized in two countries is different, English in Canada and Korean in South Korea, by comparing the support systems and observing the strengths and weaknesses at each country, I anticipate to discover more effective strategies in facilitating more equitable opportunities to enhance student learning.

Challenges Faced by Students Struggling with Language Barriers With an increase in student mobility around the world, there are many positive outcomes related to learning a different set of education from their home country and obtaining intercultural experiences with a global mindset. On the other hand, students may struggle with different challenges, which they may have unexpected to encounter.
With the largest number of Chinese students among the international student population, Zhang and Zhou (2010) surveyed 54 Chinese
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