The Challenges Faced By Single Mothers

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Single mothers are raising households and juggling multiple social roles with limited social support. Being a mom is rewarding and stressful but raising children without a co-parent or social support network while juggling all of the household responsibilities, the challenge can seem insurmountable. Studies indicate that single mothers are at a higher socioeconomic disadvantage which correlates with greater stress exposure and psychosocial risk factors. Being the only financial provider for food and bills is enough stress, much less for one person. A lot of single parents live by the motto "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" each month to make sure they have enough food, and all the school supplies that their children need. The psychosocial challenges faced by single mothers are from balancing the accumulation of social roles and raising children while economically vulnerable. The everyday struggles of parenting are magnified for single mothers because they are learning how to be the family unit from one person. The single mother takes on all of the roles that once were shared with a family unit; now the mother is the disciplinarian, the provider, the comforter, etc. The single mother now has to restructure her thinking and actions to be able to suit the ever-changing needs of her children, alongside the financial responsibilities of up-keeping the home. To balance these responsibilities while dealing with the weight of the additional roles, and the emotional effects of all of the
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