The Challenges Faced By The Managers Of Companies With Other Areas Of Their Business Essay

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Human Capital is the most sought after resource today for the whole business world when compared to any other resource. In fact, it has become the most critical resource across the globe. Organizations, big or small, are only capitalizing on the human potential, their strengths and their core competencies to achieve a remarkable competitive advantage.

Organizations strategize on different areas of their business. But there may be many challenges that they have to confront while meeting those challenges Therefore they need the best of the ‘human factor’ in their organizations to execute their strategies. This paper aims at identifying the challenges being faced by the managers of companies with regard to human capital.

As human capital is a true amalgamation of abilities, skills, ideas, knowledge, motivation, experiences and values, an attempt is made through this paper to identify the clear strategies being devised by the organizations to face the ongoing and upcoming challenges of human capital. Apart from Indian organizations, some references are extracted from organizations of other communities also.
Key Words: Human Capital, Leadership, HR Department, HR Outsourcing & Talent management.

Many crucial trends are leading to increasing importance of Human capital to an organization. organizations are focusing on these trends making efforts to identify, develop and utilize the human capital to the core. These trends include:

 Realizing the importance of the human
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