The Challenges Faced By The Principals ' Perception Of Technology Integration

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Data from the interviews illustrates a wide disparity among the principals’ perceptions of the challenges they face and the role they play as leaders in the area of technology integration. When asked about their expectations of teachers to implement the technology provided, Principal A immediately responded he “inspects what he expects”. When asked to expound on this motto, he shared how he recently purchased 65 Chromebooks and 35 iPads with PTA money. As he delivered these devices to classrooms, he shared that as he “came through the the door I said very loudly and very clearly to the students-but the teachers also heard it-welcome to the 21st century”. However, the data shows he has not developed a vision for technology implementation in his school and his own professional use of technology is limited and he “engages in the 4C’s without technology”. When asked how he supports teachers in developing their use of technology, he reported that he finds them a “buddy teacher”. Throughout the interview Principal A stated he “inspects what he expects”. In summary, Principal A feels his role is to provide the technology, ensure teachers attend district trainings, and then hold them accountable for using the technology in the classroom. Principal B considers her leadership support and teacher ability to be of greatest importance. Throughout the interview she spoke of the importance of her role in inspiring and motivating teachers to use technology in the classroom. She was very

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