The Challenges Facing International Students in Higher Education

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Module Code: PM501 2T
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Module Title: Skills for Study 1
Assessment: Final Essay
Assessment Title: Discuss some of the challenges facing international students in higher education and suggest some possible solutions.
Tutor Name: Kinga Maior
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Date of Submission: Thursday 2nd May 2013
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The number of international students studying in the UK has soared over the past decade due to globalization. Paige (1990) defined International students as those individuals who temporarily lived in the foreign countries and received the education as exchanged students. The main reason why international students come to the foreign countries is that they want to receive better
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International students may receive more pressure from their families pushing them to success, less competent with academic skills, and misunderstanding by academic staff. Those students who are not able to adapt the life change bringing by studying abroad may suffer psychological issues, including homesickness, loneliness, lacking of social support and feeling no sense of belonging in the host country. Another issue is that some students feel not comfortable in a new and unfamiliar environment and they are shy to express themselves to others, which cause them even harder to recovery from depression.

The psychological problem could affect the study of international students and this issue cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is important to find a good solution to solve this problem for international students. At first, students could divert their views by developing hobbies, doing sports at free time, making friends and building up social life in the host country. And then some international students also find that it is a good opportunity for them to travel around inside the UK or in the mainland Europe, which help them a lot to relieve from pressure. Meanwhile, universities also have the responsibility to help international students on this problem and they could establish an international student psychological coaching center to have staff there for oversea students who need help. Henry and Osborne (1983:293) argued that the teachers
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