The Challenges For Unauthorized Immigrants

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There are many beneficiaries because of DACA. “These challenges likely contribute to unauthorized immigrants’ below average levels of income, educational attainment, and above average levels of unemployment” (Pope 2). DACA beneficiaries have experienced a pronounced increase in economic opportunities, and that these benefits appear to be the strongest for those attending four-year colleges and those with college degrees” (Gonzales and Bautista-Chavez 1). The next section of article was based on a survey of 2, 381 individuals. 60% have obtained a new job / A2.6: 66% went from unemployed to employ. 79% better job 45% increase their earnings / 64% earn higher salary 41% got a job that provided health or other benefits 77% reported that they are now able to more consistently cover bills 78% are better able to contribute to monthly household cover bills (Article 2 6). This is direct evidence of the economic boost provided by DACA. (Gonzales and Bautista-Chavez 3) 57% have obtained a driver’s license 49% have opened their first bank account 33% have obtained their first credit card “DACA allow young people to overcome bureaucratic hurdles and to avoid sometimes awkward or uncomfortable situations” (Gonzales and Bautista-Chavez 4). Social improvement “Economic benefits appear to be greatest for those who attend four-year colleges and have already received their bachelor’s degree” (4). “Many of these young people work to contribute financially to their low-income parents” (5).
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