The Challenges Of Balancing Single Parenting With The Pursuance Of A Four Year Degree

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The Challenges of Balancing Single Parenting with the Pursuance of a Four-Year Degree:
Advantages and Disadvantages

Single parents who choose to pursue a college degree face the challenge of balancing their studies with their parental duties. These parents acknowledge that a higher level of education increases the likelihood of becoming better providers for their children. Single parent students often struggle financially as they have to rely on financial aid to satisfy the needs of their children such as housing, nutrition, etc. The challenges of returning to school involve taking into account how financial distress can fuel academic failure. The benefits for parents returning to school are based primarily on earning a degree that will lead to a financially profitable career. The benefits also involve providing their children with a better opportunity to succeed. Single parents acknowledge that in order to create future possibilities for their children, they must first embody success and inspire their children with their hard work and dedication. The drawbacks of parents returning to school involve a lack of financial stability as well as the failure of colleges to receive federal funding needed to maintain positive retention rates. This paper will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of single parents returning to school.
Single parents feel limited by the absence of resources needed to sustain their children 's needs, but they view a higher education as vital to secure

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