The Challenges Of Being An International Student

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A challenge is being a student, a bigger one challenge is being an international student. I believe that in my home country student life is easy, but being an international student that is a student of a different country can be hard. When I was 18 years old I landed to London .It’s been nine months now and I faced some tough experiences which I will remember throughout my life. The challenges which I have faced that most international student will experience. For all those who are planning to study in London, I would like to share some challenges that the student might have to face and suggest ways to tackle them.

More specific challenges are encountered by international students compared to domestic students such as language
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Speaking English as a second language in front of others can prove to be anxiety-provoking and when an international student develops this kind of fear they limit their ability to participate in discussions of class and develop a social relationship. For entry of international student in universities would normally consist of a TOEFL or IELTS score. However, even when the entry level requirement is fulfilled by students, they are not acquainted with the terminology that is technical for a subject area specialist. Difficult time is faced by international students while reading because of lack of familiarity with English vocabulary, a weak understanding of complex syntax, lack of background knowledge in a subject and lack of equivalent words between English and their native language (Mertin, 2013). Criteria of language which is the only thing achieved by the students, studying in English, especially at the level of master’s, can result stressful and onerous. The language entry requirement which is pass by the international students and the independent study was problematic for the international students required at a very early stage of the
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