The Challenges Of Bethune Cookman

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Everyone has that one or two things that really bother them one of the things that bother me is Bethune Cookman University. Bethune Cookman University bothers me because some of the faculty could care less about the students for example when I was trying to get a math class placed on my schedule because they didn't place one on my schedule I was given 3 classes at one time and when I reported the issue I was told to just choose what class to go to on certain days. Another example of why Bethune Cookman bothers me is because my English class is in a gym classroom where it is hot all because the school doesn't have any more classrooms available. One other example of why Bethune Cookman University bothers me is because some of their dorms are very old and have air…show more content…
One other issue I have with Bethune Cookman is that they serve a variety of the same thing in the cafe like I'm tired of eating burgers, fries, pizza, and pasta. One possible solution is that president Grimes should hire more cooks who can bring different ideas to the table other than the same portions of food every day. Another problem that bothers me about Bethune Cookman is that when the band is practicing they are really loud to the point study gets frustrating. To solve that situation I feel the band should have their own excluded practice area that is not in the middle of campus so students can focus doing work when they are in the dormitory. One big issue at Bethune Cookman University is lack of professionalism Bethune Cookman faculty and staff will preach being professional all the time then will turn around and curse you out for minor mistakes. I feel to solve this problem that Bethune Cookman faculty staff should take courses on how to be professional even when you are going through something at home or just simply take a day
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