The Challenges Of Critical Thinking : The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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People face conflicts every day in their lives. We all come across at least one incident in our lives that is challenging and we are baffled on what decision is to be made and most of the time we have difficulty to make it.
Critical thinking is not a matter of accumulating information. A person with a good memory and who knows a lot of facts is not necessarily good at critical thinking.

A critical thinker is able to deduce consequences from what he knows, and he knows how to make use of information to solve problems and to seek relevant sources of information to inform himself(Critical thinking web. para 2) Someone with critical thinking skills is able to do the following :

understand the logical connections between ideas, identify, construct and evaluate arguments detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning, solve problems systematically identify the relevance and importance of ideas reflect on the justification of one's own beliefs and values (Critical thinking web. para 1)

Such conflicts may be a conflict between yourself and another person, for example, a family or friends, sometime with your boss or workmate. Although, the ability to think clearly and rationally is important whatever we choose to do. If you work in education, research, finance, management or the legal profession, then critical thinking is obviously important. But critical thinking skills are not restricted to a particular subject area. Being able to think well and solve problems
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