The Challenges Of Education : Barriers To Globalization

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Barriers to Becoming Global

As Nelly Stromquist states “education has become the key venue to support globalization” (xiv). Personally. I can attest to this statement because, attending the University of California, Berkeley has allowed me expand my global horizons like never before. Globalization as defined by Manfred Steger is “the expansion and intensification of social relations and consciousness across world time and world space” (15). In essence, globalization is about expanding worldwide interconnectivity. While it is true that education and schools encourage globalization, I believe depending on the type of institution, one’s access into the global world will vary due to the amount of resources.
I attended View Park Preparatory Charter High School. This is a small charter school located in the hood of Los Angles California composed of a 98% African American student population. I could not have asked for a more supportive community. But attending this school served to be a great challenge. View Park had absolutely no resources. The administrators tried their best to create a school using the bare minimum because the school was underfunded. We did not have a cafeteria, computer lab, library, play area nothing. As a result, this environment significantly impacted my ability to live in a globalized world.
The only language class that was offered was Spanish. The Spanish teachers were underqualified and poorly integrated the culture surrounding the language. Also,
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