The Challenges Of Emerging Markets

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For businesses, emerging market has developed into a very well chosen destination for a firm operating well in their own country which is looking for expansion. Developed markets usually hint at the considerations to per capita income. Limited growth opportunity and emerging market economies usually expect an availability of a larger amount of growth opportunity. In saying that, to maximize shareholders return and business enjoy showing their strength in their own country, companies showing interest in saturated markets may consider the need to take part in the emerging market to benefit largely. However, emerging markets is based around the transition to a more market-oriented economic system. But yes, it does come at the expense of risks to hurdle over for the already successful business, particularly from a cultural and economic point of view. If the risk is not responded to well, internationalizing into emerging markets may lead to heavy financial woes. This paper will analyse two recent business cases namely Japanese Electronics Firms: Eclipsed by Apple (2014) and Michael Chen’s Alcatel (ET Bureau 2014), which is working on moving into an emerging/developing market and analyse their barriers from those 2 factors. Legal, political, cultural and economic factors are driving forces for business in emerging market economies but they are not equally the same. Concentrating on two factors, both cultural and economic, the second part of this
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