The Challenges Of GIS Cloud

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over the internet (Zhang et al., 2010). A common framework for data with some Geoprocessing functions has been developed using GIS cloud for particular requirements (Evangelidis et al., 2014). A conventional GIS application has been upgraded to provide services over the internet as GIS cloud. The challenges in GIS applications have been achieved by a cloud computing (Bhat et al., 2011). QGIS founded by Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) and a cloud computing spatial approach has been carried out in this paper. It supports almost all platforms i.e. Linux, windows etc. QGIS is responsible for visualization, managing, editing and analyzing raster and vector data geographically. The QGIS cloud depends upon on the Service–Oriented…show more content…
Identifying the road segment as black spot depending up on recorded accident data in the past three years has been done according to following three criteria (Zovak et al., 2014): 1. If twelve or more traffic accidents with personal injuries occurred on the critical location in the past three years. 2. If fifteen or more accidents are recorded in the monitored location regardless to the consequences in the past three years. 3. If three or more identical accidents has occurred in the critical location with the same group of participants, with the same moving direction and with the same conflict area. Black spot i.e. reported number of accidents is counted when a number reported exceeds a chosen threshold value (Mustakim et al., 2011). The weightage formula: APW=X1(6) +X2(3) +X3(0.8) +X4(0.2)................. (1) Where X1= number of fatal accident, X2= number of serious injury, X3= number of slight injury, X4= number of damage only. This method proves more sensitive in terms of random variation of accident counts and also provides regression solution to the problem. Applications of GIS in road accident analysis In recent years, GIS became an important tool for road accident analysis which includes data management, analysis using the information on accident, road, weather condition and safe facilities information for instance extraction of the
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