The Challenges Of Global Leadership

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It is crucial for leaders to be educated on the subject of global leadership. This is especially true of leaders who become expatriates, who are those leaders that are assigned to do work overseas or a country that’s not their own. Nevertheless, this is also incredibly applicable to leaders who have any kind of role that enables them to deal or work with individuals who might have a different cultural background. They do not necessarily need to be sent overseas to benefit from being informed about global leadership. Expatriates benefit greatly, in particular, because they are sent out to unknown territory where they are not accustomed to being. These global leaders are notable by their willingness to put their own cultural knowledge…show more content…
There are still rules and laws to follow, of course. Another example is that other cultures might not necessarily agree or want to pursue the American Dream (Lewis, p. 186). If they come from different cultural backgrounds, they might think differently about such things. And, that is okay. What is important is for the leader to understand that there are potentially different points of views. Global Leadership Core Values present your core values, expectations and beliefs.. Not everybody has what it takes to be a leader. It is important for a leader to be a continuous learner, be curious, and have courage as well as the maturity and authenticity necessary to be successful in their role. They need to be knowledgeable. And, not be afraid, or even too prideful, to share what they know. “Personal experience is the essential element in knowledge creation and the basis for all tacit knowledge.” (Mendenhall, et. al., p. 171.). These kind of leaders seek answers to the questions they do not know already. They also do not decide to just stop developing themselves. Inquisitiveness is indeed exercised by good leaders. Successful leaders must have a “love of learning, being intrigued by diversity.” (Mendenhall, et. al., p. 51). Not only do they need to acknowledge and understand the differences in cultures from a business perspective, but also from the social standpoint. There is a lot of knowledge to be obtained
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