The Challenges Of Global Logistics

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On Amazon 's global site, people from around the world can purchase items, from clothes to toys to food and have them shipped directly to their front door. While this can seem to be a great opportunity, shipping logistics can be a nightmare for Amazon and take extensive amounts of time for the buyer. One student, Xiao Bixue, from Beijing, China explained that the quality of goods from Amazon are good, but the “tariffs” are expensive and shipping takes time (Bixue and Xinling). With the differences in cultures and distance to consider, how can Amazon expect to compete globally? The Challenges to global logistics There are many challenges to Amazon when considering global logistics. Some processes must be done through the U.S. Amazon website. Shipping costs can be high. And, because Amazon is shipping products greater distances, time plays a large factor in receiving and returning products. How to deal with these issues can be quite complex. Differences in expectations, such as quality and price, should also be a consideration. Due to the variety of culture, how the customer should be treated can differ as well. Because most product descriptions and comments are written in English, non-English speaking people have a difficult time purchasing on Amazon’s Global store. Only general descriptions are translated and some translations can be confusing or completely wrong. Because Amazon has global customers, they also have a wide variety of expectations from these customers. “Areas
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