The Challenges Of Globalization For Organizations

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Written Assignment 4: Questions Respond: 1) The challenges of globalization for organizations are currency risk, global managers, global product structure, and political risk. Currency risk is a challenge in globalization for an organization because companies can have a possible profit loss cause by the fluctuating exchange rates in a country to another. Global managers are a challenge because managers have to be competent in working across cultures; to be able to work across cultures, managers need to be culturally aware of international affairs or developments. Another, challenge of globalization for an organization is the global product structure, this gives a global responsibility to group product managers who will be in charge of the product line. The last challenge is the political risk of globalization for organizations because the corporation can face a loss in value of each investment caused by the instability and political changes in foreign countries. The Host-country complaints about MNCs that the MNCs has excessive profits, interference with the government, and disrespect for local customs. The reason the Host-country complaints about MNCs because they feel that the MNCs want to drive local competitors out of business, and the only protection of the practices of MNCs is the laws that protect the country 's domestic businesses. On the other hand, the MNC complaints about the Host countries that their businesses has overpriced resources, failure to
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