The Challenges Of Homer's Journey In The October Sky

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The film “October Sky” is a motion picture consisting of Homer Hickam’s journey. His journey is composed of various setbacks and advancements. A perfect analogy of his journey can be put into this simple saying: two steps forward one step back. This analogy collaborates perfectly with Homer’s journey due to all of the challenges he faced throughout his journey. Homer’s journey to success contains various challenges and advancements which all playan important role in the outcome. Homer’s journey was not particularly a very straightforward one. In fact, his journey was jam packed with challenges he had to face and overcome. One of the main challenges that Homer faced was the difficulties with his dad, John Hickam. John wants Homer to grow up…show more content…
I believe that everyone, no matter how big or small, also has challenges and obstacles which test them. Although the difficulty and frequency of these setbacks are not set in stone, everyone has to face these challenges to move on in life. Personally, one of the greatest challenges for me is to become what I want to be. In order to reach my goal I must finish university at a high standard, then move onto medical school to finish my education. Although, my challenges do not align with Homer’s, one bridge that can connect us, is the fact that our fathers are extremely demanding. Now, John Hickam wants Homer to work in the coal mine instead of Homer’s optimistic view of pursuing rocketry. This contradicts my father’s belief, which is of me being optimistic and becoming something which involves tons of hard work. This places a great deal of pressure on me in my studies. My method of achieving this will be, of course, working hard and such. However, it also plays a big part in me actually becoming what I want to be and not just what other people want. With me being on the same page as my father, I know what I am going to do in my life and will continue to pursue it until I reach my
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